Building the Future of Cross Domain Security

Building the Future of Cross Domain Security

In early January, Owl Cyber Defense announced the acquisition of the Assured Collaboration Systems (ACS) product line from Trident Systems Incorporated. This acquisition brings together the capabilities and expertise of two of the most trusted providers of cross domain solutions for the military and intelligence community. With the addition of ACS, Owl has strengthened its position as a dominant presence in the cross domain security market, offering a broader range of certified solutions than any other provider.

Let’s take a closer look at what ACS is about, and how Owl is building the future of cross domain security technology.

What is ACS?

Assured Collaboration Systems is a family of products that facilitate secure communication via voice, video, and chat across different security domains. Like Owl’s other cross domain solutions, ACS products combine hardware and software components to filter and sanitize data as it travels between networks or systems at different security levels.

With rigorous policy enforcement and multiple layers of filtering, ACS solutions prevent the transmission of malicious or unauthorized data, while allowing authorized data to pass through at high speed to support time-sensitive operations. And like Owl’s other accredited solutions, our ACS products are accredited by the National Cross Domain Strategy and Management Office within the National Security Agency (NSA) for use in Department of Defense and Intelligence Community operations.

The ACS product line adds several unique capabilities to Owl’s industry-leading cross domain solution technology:

Voice and video calling: Defense and intelligence operations often rely on voice over IP (VoIP) and video (e.g. video conferencing and face phone) communication, but challenges arise when calls need to be placed to other security domains (for example, to coalition partners). The ACS Voice and Video Cross Domain Solution enables secure communication using existing call infrastructure, and is the only VoIP solution approved for deployment in the US Department of Defense and the US intelligence community.

Full-motion video: The ACS Cross Domain Full Motion Video (CDFMV) solution facilitates real time video and audio communication across network security domains. For example, military and intelligence customers can use CDFMV to filter and sanitize streaming video from sources like HD cameras and UAVs to high-security networks for real time analysis. CDFMV is the only technology available that meets the latest NCDSMO “Raise-The-Bar” certification requirements for video filtering.

Chat: In national disasters or other critical situations, chat is the most frequently used tool for real-time collaboration and communication. With Tactical Chat, Collaboration Gateway, and eXtensible Chat Bridge, Owl’s ACS product line delivers a variety of capabilities to facilitate secure chat across network security boundaries and platforms.

What’s next?

Integrating these solutions into Owl’s product lineup is only the beginning. Owl’s acquisition of ACS has brought together teams of professionals with decades of expertise in cross domain security, and we’re already working on new enterprise and small form factor solutions that will meet the constantly-evolving needs of the military and intelligence communities. By delivering unmatched performance and providing support for more protocols and data types than anyone else in the market, Owl is committed to earning its place as the #1 provider of cross domain solutions.

For more information about Owl’s voice, video, and chat capabilities, explore our ACS solutions, or contact us to schedule a consultation today.

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