Do you have secure visibility into your air-gapped data vault?

A data vault is designed to completely isolate archived data, both for historical business analysis and as a means of recovery from a breach. By design it is intended to disconnect itself from the network. A key challenge of operating an air-gapped data vault is the lack of operational visibility inside the vault. The lack of connectivity prevents conventional system monitoring and threat detection in routine data center operations. So how do data vaults stay sealed, while still allowing authorized people to monitor system health information?

Owl & Dell EMC Integrated Solution

Together, Owl Data Diodes and Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery provide a secure data vault solution that can be monitored remotely to maintain healthy operations in the vault and gain insight into anomaly detection. With the increasing sophistication of cyber-attacks today, a software-based security model introduces new attack vectors and risk to the secure vault. The Dell EMC Cyber Recovery solution is designed to provide an air-gapped vault architecture; however, customers need to securely monitor and report on the vault without introducing new threat vectors. Owl data diodes provide a critical piece of the Dell EMC Cyber Recovery solution to secure data transfers of system health information outside of the vault and allow log files and SNMP data to securely reach SIEM systems without delay.

Data Diodes

Owl data diodes provide hardware-enforced one-way transfers of malware detection reports and system health information. Owl maintains the air gap that is established by the Dell EMC Cyber Recovery vault to prevent any possibility of unauthorized access to the vault. Data integrity reports can flow out of the Cyber Recovery vault network in real-time through data diodes to allow timely action in the production environment, so authorized people know immediately if threats are detected. Data Diodes transfer system health information in real-time and allow log files and SNMP data to reach SIEM systems without delay. Owl Data Diodes are the perfect pair to Dell EMC’s PowerProtect Cyber Recovery solution to protect air-gapped vaults, while providing visibility to critical vault data.  

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PowerProtect Cyber Recovery

Dell EMC’s PowerProtect Cyber Recovery Vault physically isolates data from the attack surface so organizations can quickly identify a clean copy of data and recover critical systems to resume business operations. The impact of being unable to recover critical data and resume business operations after an attack can be devastating. Cyber Recovery provides an automated air gap with data isolation and governance, CyberSense analytics and machine learning to monitor data integrity, and forensic tools to discover, diagnose, and remediate ongoing attacks. While Cyber Recovery easily isolates data from the attack surface and protects it in a dedicated secure vault, Owl Data Diodes securely deliver that data to its authorized destination, while physically protecting the vault from threats. 

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