Assured Collaboration Systems

Assured Collaboration Systems (ACS) is a business area dedicated to the development and delivery of critical collaboration capabilities for the joint warfighter. ACS was recently acquired from Trident Systems by Owl Cyber Defense, the leading provider of certified, reliable cross-domain and secure single-domain collaboration capabilities for the networked Coalition force.

BREAKING NEWS: ACS was recently acquired from Trident Systems by Owl Cyber Defense

About ACS

Owl has a proven record in the design, documentation, development, and testing of software for mission critical, secure cross-domain solutions subject to NSA and DIA certification and site accreditation. These new ACS capabilities augment Owl’s expertise in the development of network topologies and security policy for multi-domain collaboration systems including chat, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), video teleconferencing (VTC), Full Motion Video (FMV) and mobile solutions. ACS delivers robust and affordable solutions, leveraging our extensive experience with cross-domain certification, and proven commercial collaboration technologies.

ACS, in collaboration with its AFRL Rome Research Site Program Office, has established solid partnerships with a broad base of defense, intelligence, and international customers and industry partners to support the unique balance between the need for information sharing and information security requirements in modern operations.

Voice and Video Cross-Domain Solution (V2CDS)

V2CDS is a SABI and TSABI certified high assurance guard enabling secure, confidential voice, face phone and VTC communication. V2CDS integrates with existing VoIP infrastructures to provide new cross-domain functionality to existing telephony systems. V2CDS is the first and only VoIP CDS on the NCDSMO (National Cross Domain Strategy & Management Office) baseline. Enterprise and Desktop Scheduled VTC versions are coming.

Cross Domain Full Motion Video (CDFMV)

CDFMV is based on a SABI and TSABI certified high assurance guard which instantly and securely relays vital video across different security domains in real-time. CDFMV reduces covert channels to an acceptable risk, while simultaneously maintaining high quality point-to-point video capability, and is the only CDS certified for SABI to filter the video content and metadata. It is the only solution that meets NSA’s latest “Raise the Bar” requirements for streaming video.

Tactical Chat (TacChat)

TacChat is a certified, single domain standards-based chat server that federates with other chat solutions and is designed to meet rigorous Department of Defense (DoD) standards. TacChat is on the Air Force Evaluated/Approved Products List (AF E/APL) and the DoD Unified Capabilities (UC) Approved Products List (APL).

Collaboration Gateway (CG)

CG works with other guards to provide SABI and TSABI certified secure, cross-domain text chat capability between differently classified networks. CG federates with other chat servers and is deployed worldwide for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), Intelligence Community (IC) and coalition partners.

eXtensible Chat Bridge (XCB)

XCB is a secure bridge that allows communication between current and legacy chat protocols, by seamlessly integrating with existing chat systems. With the XCB, organizations can connect two or more servers running IRC (Internet Relay Chat), XMPP (eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol), and Sametime.

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