Owl TalonTM 3

Data Diode Platform

Secure, Flexible, One-Way Transfer

All new Talon 3 user interface with unmatched ease of use, reliability, and time to value

What’s New

Modern, easy to use, web-based interface

Configuration is easier and faster than ever

Quarterly releases of new protocols

Compatible with the current OPDS-1000 hardware platform and will be available on a variety of commercial off-the-shelf hardware platforms (1U server and DIN rail) soon

The Power of the Software

What sets an Owl data diode apart from others is the software that powers it. While the hardware provides physically-enforced security (bound by the laws of physics), the software is performing the hard work of converting and transferring various data types and protocols.

Owl Talon 3 software is designed to support all your secure, one-way data transfer use cases on a single device, by transferring multiple data flows and protocols simultaneously. And with an extremely easy to use interface, Talon 3 can be set up and operational in the time it takes to get a good workout in.

Talon provides an extensible foundation for flexible support of a broad range of OT and IT protocols and interfaces, such as File Transfer, AVEVA® PI System, and High Availability, to satisfy various use case requirements.

Impenetrable Security

Security is always top of mind at Owl. Developed using the Microsoft Secure Development Lifecycle, Talon 3 has enhanced security features, including SELinux enforcement with access and permission controls, a BIOS password to prevent unauthorized access and modifications, an Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment (AIDE) to detect unauthorized activities and changes, and a disk encryption passphrase to encrypt the disk partition containing the Talon 3 software for added protection. With these security features, along with the addition of hardware-enforcement, you can be assured that your network is secure and protected at all times.

One-Way In A Two-Way World

A successful one-way data transfer requires meeting the expectations of a two-way world. A majority of network traffic involves some sort of acknowledgement or two-way connection in order to function. The “secret sauce” of Talon 3 is in providing a secure one-way transfer, with a true separation between source and destination networks, while maintaining simultaneous, two-way communications with both the source network and the destination network to avoid disruption. This is accomplished through using proxies that run on each side of Owl data diodes.

The send side proxy communicates with the source network acknowledging receipt of packets before extracting the payload and sending it across the diode. On the receive side, the proxy receives the payload, builds a new packet around it using the original protocol and sends the data on its way over the two-way protocol. In this way, the data diode achieves a secure one-way transfer in the middle of two, two-way exchanges.

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Talon 3: The Data Diode, Reinvented

25 years ago, Owl launched the first commercialized data diode to the market. This April, Owl is reinventing the data diode again. The culmination of a quarter century of innovation and experience, Owl’s all-new, revolutionized data diode software platform, Owl Talon 3, is taking flight.

Owl Talon 3 seamlessly connects and enables one-way transfers of both one-way and two-way data types and protocols with unmatched ease of use, reliability, and time to value. Owl Talon 3 is the future of secure OT data mobility, from systems monitoring to cloud connectivity. 

Watch this webinar and you’ll see:

  • What’s new and exciting in Owl Talon 3
  • A walkthrough of the all-new Owl Talon 3 user interface 
  • A preview of what’s to come for Owl Talon software & hardware
  • How to upgrade to Talon 3 from previous Owl software

Learn more about TalonTM 3 by checking out the datasheet!

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