The Definitive Guide to Cross Domain Solutions

The Definitive Guide to Cross Domain Solutions

What is a Cross Domain Solution?

Essentially, a CDS is an information security system which allows or denies data transfer by enforcing an organization’s security policies. CDSs are designed to control and restrict the flow of information both to and from trusted and untrusted domains (“high to low” or “low to high”). While often used in a unidirectional capacity, CDSs may have one-way only, two-way, bidirectional, or multidomain connectivity. Some CDSs implement only software enforcement, while others provide additional enforcement through hardware. This ebook is intended to help guide you through the various types, technologies, benefits, and uses of cross domain solutions.

Topics Include:

  • What is a CDS? →
  • Background & Principles of a CDS →
  • What Makes a “Cross Domain Solution”? →
  • ‘Raise the Bar’ (RTB) →
  • Common CDS Technologies →
  • Security Principles of Cross Domain Solutions →
  • How are Cross Domain Solutions Used?

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