The Global Leader in Data Diode Cybersecurity Technology


Owl Cyber Defense leads the world in data diode and cross-domain network cybersecurity. With a constant focus on customers in the military, government, critical infrastructure, and commercial markets, Owl develops market-first, one-way data transfer products to meet a variety of operational needs—from entry level to enterprise.



Owl’s mission is to create market-leading cybersecurity products that help organizations large and small around the world to secure their sensitive networks and assets from cyber threats and data loss. The Owl team are thought leaders in their respective fields and technical pioneers with a culture of innovation and a goal of excellence in everything that they do. From advising and assisting organizations in securing their systems and digital devices to developing cutting-edge data diode technology, Owl is building the future of the network security industry.



The Owl product line is built on over 30 granted technology patents with still more pending. Owl was the first to commercialize data diode technology, the first to develop a powerful server-based, two-card solution, the first to create an all-in-one 1U appliance solution, and the first to develop a compact DIN rail-mountable solution, hardened for use in critical infrastructure environments. Future solutions in development include further miniaturized solutions, specialized mobile/tactical enclosures, and more.



Established in 1999, Owl is headquartered in Danbury, CT and has a proven history in creating best-of-breed data diode cybersecurity products, designed from the ground up with components specifically purposed for one-way transfer. Serving diverse markets worldwide, Owl manufactures and supports network security products for the U.S. intelligence, military, and government communities, critical infrastructure, and commercial enterprises.

Owl’s vision is to develop data-agnostic, scalable and secure one-way communication products for sensitive and critical networks, capable of meeting the current and evolving needs of our customers. To this end, we have partnered with some of the most respected leaders in their industries to deliver the world’s most advanced data diode cybersecurity solutions. Our mission is to help protect sensitive networks around the world from cyber threats and provide valuable information to authorized users and applications on demand.

Originally designed to meet the needs of the U.S. Defense, Intelligence, and Government agencies with Cross Domain Solutions – securely transferring data one-way from one security level domain to another – data diodes have since evolved to support Industrial-Commercial, Public & Private Services, and Energy & Utilities verticals within our Network Security Solutions – hardware-enforced network segmentation and one-way data transfer. As part of our Cross Domain solutions line, Owl offers a range of validated and accredited products, including UCDSMO Baseline-listed solutions.


Founded in Ridgefield, CT


Launched V3 Cards, Support established for Windows, Linux, and Solaris


Data diode video streaming capability established


EAL 4 Certification of V4 cards, Received first patent


EAL 4 Certification of V6 cards, 6 patents, TSABI OWT-ATO


OCDS-FT01 Baseline listed, PI System integration


3 new patents


Launched OCDS-SFF, OCDS-FT05 ATO, ECDS-FT01 Baseline listed, 9 patents




16 Patents, established first European Partner, launched 010-TV, Launched OPDS-100


Launched OPDS-1000 and V7 cards, ECDS-PT01 ATO, 7 Patents


OCDS-ST06 Baseline listed, 4 patents


Launched OPDS-100D, 2 patents, NATO approved product list, established partners in the Middle East, Philippines, and Japan


Renamed and rebranded as Owl Cyber Defense, launched Cloud to Cloud (C2C), established partners in Canada and India


Launched ReCon, established direct Owl presence in the Middle East and Europe, moved to a new, state-of-the-art HQ building in Danbury, CT


Launched DiOTa, growing and eager to see what’s in store for Owl this year!


As a provider of cybersecurity products for highly critical environments, Owl understands and implements stringent processes for developing, delivering, and supporting products. Owl products meet a number of standards for quality, performance, interoperability, and security including:
  • NIST SP800-82
  • API Standard 1164
  • ChemITC
  • AWWA G440-09
  • ISA/IEC 62443

Meet our Leadership Team

Robert Stalick

President, Chief Executive Officer

Sal Morlando

Chief Operating Officer

Robert Stalick

President, Chief Executive Officer

Sal Morlando

Chief Operating Officer

Ray Kunzmann

Chief Financial Officer

Brian Romansky

Chief Technology Officer

Steve Staubly

Senior Director, Advanced Development

Scott Coleman

Director of Marketing and Product Mgmt.

Dennis Lanahan

Director of Sales

Andy Holmes

Director of Technical Services

Kathleen Gallagher

Director of Human Resources

John O'Connell

Director of Strategic Partnerships