What to Expect
Working with Owl

Many people have asked what the process of securing your
network with Owl solutions looks like, so we’re here to offer
some insight into the entire process – start to finish.

Solutions & Services

Owl offers a variety of secure data transfer solutions and systems hardening services to meet your organizations unique use case. In the event that you have a requirement outside of our standard offerings, we are also here for you to create a tailored or custom solution to meet your needs.

CDS & OWTData DiodesProfessional Services

Solutions Architecting

An Owl Solutions Architect or Sales Engineer will consult with you to determine your organization’s precise requirements (e.g. data types, # of data flows, protocols, bandwidth, accreditation needs), and advise you on potential solutions to meet them.

  • For most customers, a simple conference call will be
    sufficient to provide a solution recommendation.
  • Owl offers evaluation units free of charge for interoperability
    or lab testing use.
  • In the event your use case requires more in-depth analysis,
    Owl can perform an onsite network analysis to help determine
    the most appropriate solution.

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Once an appropriate solution has been identified, we’ll issue a quote to you for those recommended products and services. Owl currently requires an authorized purchase order to complete the acquisition process. Due to the sensitive nature of our business, Owl does not currently offer online/ecommerce sales or a credit card payment option.

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Owl products are designed, manufactured, and built in the US, and may ship from either our MD or CT facilities. For your assurance, shipments include a number of security measures:

  • Nondescript packaging
  • Tamper-evident tape
  • Government and some critical infrastructure customers will receive software and manuals in a separate shipment

For international customers, we recommend that you ensure you request the proper power adapter for your solution(s).


Owl offers a full suite of services for installing and configuring security solutions. While Owl product installation is usually simple enough for customers to perform themselves, and Owl products typically come preconfigured with all necessary software, some customers may require assistance to implement within an especially complex environment.

Installation Services


For customers interested in training their own employees on the installation and configuration of Owl products, training classes are available on a regular schedule. Check the link below for the upcoming training schedule and availability.

Product Training


Post-installation, customers can count on round-the-clock support assistance and expert guidance to solve any issue. In the event that product service is required, a replacement product can be shipped to get you up and running again as fast as possible.

Request SupportRequest Replacement Manuals

Let’s connect!

Owl serves a diverse set of markets – so let us know your business needs and one of our cybersecurity experts will be in touch with you shortly. In order to put you in touch with the right specialist on our team, please provide us with as much information as possible. Talk soon!