Connecting the Coalition Battlespace

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The first and only U.S. Government tested & accredited, exportable cross domain solutions for Coalition networks
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Going Beyond “Joint” – Connecting Coalition Operations

Timely, secure data sharing is the primary impediment to effective, integrated Coalition operations. Owl cross domain solutions for FMS enable a complete common operating picture, from logistics and C4/I communications to identification friend or foe (IFF) positions and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance sensor data.

Raise-the Bar Compliant Exportable Cross Domain Solution

With its unmatched flexibility, reduced costs, and high performance, XD Guardian brings cross domain information transfer to every industry, around the world. The functional equivalent of XD Bridge, XD Guardian is exportable and available for use by:

  • U.S. Government / Coalition operations
  • Foreign governments and defense
  • Commercial, industrial, and utility organizations
  • System integrators with commercial and/or international business

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Why Wait for Accreditation?

“Fight tonight” with exportable, LBSA-tested cross domain solutions and data diode cybersecurity for coalition militaries via U.S. DOD sponsorship or direct sales. Solutions are available to countries outside of the Five Eyes (FVEYS).

Ready to Deploy

Non-ITAR-constrained, accredited solutions available in data center and tactical form factors.

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Flexible & Customizable

Customizable content filtering available to meet mission requirements.

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Proven Use Cases

Owl solutions are trusted by the U.S. DOD and Coalition defense organizations around the world.


Blue Force Tracking


Aircraft Mission Data Transfers


Live ISR Data Sharing

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