Proven Solutions for Navy “Data Maneuverability” @ AFCEA WEST

Proven Solutions for Navy “Data Maneuverability” @ AFCEA WEST

Hi, I’m Paul Nguyen, one of the new leaders of Owl’s DoD Mission Support team. I joined Owl Cyber Defense (Owl) earlier this month, just in time to be a part of our annual corporate offsite where I was able to meet with senior leadership, learn more about our company vision, product roadmaps, and get to know my new teammates much better, along with some fun team building! I am both humbled and lucky to be a part of team of trusted experts who have an extensive and decorated record of supporting critical infrastructure and cross domain solutions communities. For over 25 years, we at Owl have enabled better, faster decision making through the world’s most trusted software- and hardware-based data transfer security solutions.

Team Owl at Boar’s Head resort for Sales Kick-Off 2024.

In particular, we’ve seen a lot of recent deployments of V2CDS to meet a variety of VoIP, VTC, and FMV requirements and use cases. Owl’s V2CDS delivers cross-domain communication and collaboration securely, efficiently, and in a user-friendly and timely manner. With this solution, Navy mission operators can hold secure, two-party direct [one-to-one calls] and multi-party digital voice/audio calls between security domains (U/S/TS) and enhances VoIP functionality with video teleconference support.

If you’re looking for the securest possible way to make a classified VoIP phone call from a secret enclave to an admiral halfway around the world, that’s the type of thing we enable every single day.

Our capabilities play a crucial role in helping the Navy deliver on its “Get real, get better” outcomes to drive better customer experience, bolster operational resilience, and achieve mission success. Per the DONCIOs Capstone Design Concept for Information Superiority Vision (ISV), the Navy has one goal in cyber: Achieving the digital edge that no adversary can match. We are a key partner and enabler of this mission, having served all three major industry bases with our edge security and CDS solutions!

Intelligence & Defense

  • Advise the NSA on CDS standards and development
  • Deployed in all major branches of U.S. DoD

Critical Infrastructure

  • DHS recommended technology for ICS security
  • Deployed in hundreds of major utilities and oil & gas producers around the world


  • Only commercially available government certified CDS
  • Deployed in financial services, manufacturing, cloud services

Next up for us, we are heading to “America’s Finest City” in “Sunny” San Diego where we will be exhibiting at AFCEA WEST, the premier naval conference and exposition of the year bringing military and industry leadership together. Our booth #2302 is really easy to find, we are at the immediate left as you enter the exhibit hall, right across from Lockheed Martin. While you’re there, compete in our charity Push-up Competition and pick up a complimentary Owl pin and pocket umbrella. Come meet me and our team to be among the first see what’s next in secure cross domain data transfer, verification and enforcement!

In conjunction with WEST is the Department of Navy Chief Information Officer (DONCIO) IT Conference West, where this year’s theme is “Data Maneuverability” (which just happens to be Owl’s specialty).

Follow us on LinkedIn for real-time updates during AFCEA WEST and stay tuned for future blogs on how our solutions lay the digital keel for the DON Information Environment. This is an exciting event for us at Owl and we are looking forward to sharing upcoming releases of our new solutions and expanding capabilities, while reconnecting with old colleagues and strengthening and building new relationships within our community.

“Securely move any information from anywhere to anywhere.”

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