Data Diode Card Kits

Create custom data diode cybersecurity solutions built on Owl’s proven, patented hardware & software.

The Core Components of Owl Data Diodes

Owl Communication Card Kits are comprised of two Owl Communication Cards (one send, one receive) and a fiber optic cable, and include a single Owl data transfer software application. The Communication Cards are purpose-built network interface cards that comprise the core of Owl data diode technology.

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As the fastest and most versatile data diode technology available, Owl Version 7 (V7) Communication Cards represent the pinnacle of years of innovation.

Owl V7 Communication Card Kits

Owl Communication Card Kits are intended for customers with unique needs and sophisticated technical expertise to create custom data diode solutions using Owl’s award-winning hardware and software. Customers not looking to build their own solution should check out Owl’s off-the-shelf, pre-configured Standard Products or Government Products that readily install into existing cybersecurity infrastructure.
  • Compatible with Nearly Any Data Type and Protocol
  • Streaming, File, Cloud, or Packet Transfer
  • Up to 32 Discrete Data Transfer Channels
  • Install Easily in Most Commercial Enterprise Servers

Previous Versions of Communication Card Kits

(V4 and V6)

Featuring expanded functionality and unmatched performance, Owl V7 Communication Card Kits are designed to replace and surpass previous versions of Owl Communication Card Kits. While V4 and V6 Communication Card Kits are still available to replace or expand an existing deployment, unless absolutely necessary, Owl strongly recommends selecting a corresponding V7 Kit instead.

V4 Communication Card Kits

The Owl V4 Communication Card Sets are used as the controlled interface in transfer solutions, when user applications require the physical security of fiber-optic transport, and moderate-to-high user content throughput levels. The Owl V4 card set is the DualDiode hardware component embedded in the Owl 4.0 CDS on the NCDSMO Baseline Inventory 3.5.0.

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V6 Communication Card Kits

Owl V6 Cards are Owl’s trusted work horse Communication Card set. Both accredited and certified, the DualDiode Technology™ product suite, securely transfers data between cards on a fiber-optic link at 2.488 Gbps. Deployed in combination with Owl user application-specific software, the Owl V6 series enables the deployment of one-way cross-domain solutions that meet and exceed large enterprise requirements, as well as the most stringent, government imposed application demands. The Owl V6 communication cards are NIAP Common Criteria EAL-4 certified.

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Owl Data Transfer Applications

Owl Data Transfer Applications are the software that serves as the protocol proxy component of an Owl Communication Card Kit, interfacing with the source and destination networks. They are designed to either support a specific, individual protocol (i.e. UDP or file transfer only) or multiple protocols/formats simultaneously.

Customers can select the appropriate Data Transfer Application(s) from those listed below based on the type(s) of data that needs to be transferred (UDP, NTP, DNP3, IEC104, TCP/IP, raw Ethernet packets, files, directories, etc.), the protocols being used and whether or not data scanning is required.

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