XD Verge

XD Verge is a low SWaP, low-latency, hardware-enforced one-way transfer data diode built on Owl’s revolutionary FPGA-based XDE Radium protocol filtering diode (PFD) module.


The Future of Data Diode Technology is Here

XD Verge features a revolutionary FPGA-based architecture utilizing Owl’s XDE Radium embedded data diode module for high throughput, high assurance, and ultra-low latency in a low-SWaP-c solution. Much more than a simple data diode, XD Verge provides hardware-enforced network segmentation and one-way data transfer with protocol filtering and packet header deconstruction.

Packet Filtering and One-Way Data Transfer

  • Guaranteed one-way transfer enforced by FPGA and hardware isolators
  • Protocol break – no routable information is passed between source and destination networks and packet contents are rebuilt in the receive FPGA
  • Packet-by-packet whitelist content filtering
  • Packets with non-compliant content are dropped by the source-side FPGA before being passed across the hardware isolator

Key Hardware-Based Component for RTB Compliance

The latest Raise-the-Bar (RTB) guidelines will require nearly all cross domain connections to classified networks to include a hardware-enforced domain separation by 2023. XD Verge provides hardware-enforced network segmentation with an optical or digital isolator and up to 1 Gbps one-way data flow. And because it does not feature internal CPUs, it is also invulnerable to CPU-based attacks.

Raise the Bar Ready
Supported Protocols

Supported Protocols

UDP Unicast, ARP (Source Side)

Tech Specs

Technical Specifications


101.6 mm x 76.2 mm x 38.1 mm / 4″ x 3″ x 1.5″


1.36 kg / 3 lbs.


5V x 2 (via onboard headers)

Max Usage 6W


Ambient Air


1x 1Gbe RJ-45

1x Serial


1 Gbps


-40º to 70º C / -40º to 158º F


Common Criteria EAL 4+

U.S. Government Data Diode Evaluation

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