IXD Tera
Industrial Cross Domain Solution
Developed specifically for critical infrastructure, IXD Tera (industrial cross domain) is a high availability, hardware-enforced cross domain solution that controls, restricts, and/or filters one-way and bidirectional data flows of information both to and from trusted and untrusted domains, based on an organization’s security policies.

Take Industrial Cybersecurity to the Next Level

Just like defense and intelligence organizations, critical infrastructure operations must transfer highly sensitive data between networks and systems at different security levels. Using technology equivalent to that used in military and intelligence applications provides a comprehensive approach to defending against known and unknown threats at the boundaries of sensitive networks. IXD Tera, a cross domain solution developed specifically for critical infrastructure, takes industrial cybersecurity to the next level, supporting simultaneous one-way and bidirectional communications, while controlling, restricting, and/or filtering data transfers both to and from trusted and untrusted domains– all in a 1U, rack-mountable device.

Industrial Cross Domain Solution

Cross domain solutions (CDS), traditionally only sold and used by the U.S. Government, are truly in a class of their own regarding their sophistication and level of security. One could approximate a CDS as a fusion of the content-filtering in software guards, the data flow restriction in next-generation firewalls, and the hardware-enforced separation in data diodes, in one hardened solution. CDSs are designed to control, restrict, and/or filter the flow of information both to and from trusted and untrusted domains. IXD Tera brings cross domain security to critical infrastructure organizations who need to secure multiple one-way and bidirectional communications simultaneously, as well as create policies to control what can be passed through the device.

Control What Data Can Be Passed Through

IXD Tera is a high availability, integrated hardware and software solution that supports simultaneous one-way and bidirectional data transfers, as well as multiple protocol adapters, on single appliance, ensuring fast, effective, and secure data transfers between systems of differing security levels. As a high availability solution, IXD Tera eliminates single points of failure with redundancy and failover capabilities. To address threat vectors inside the data, IXD Tera examines and filters data to only allow specific, defined data types to pass through the device to prevent all unwanted or unknown data types from compromising secure networks.

Support for One-Way & Bidirectional Use Cases

In their efforts to improve their NERC CIP security posture, an energy provider needed to securely transfer files (SFTP) and OSIsoft PI System data, one-way, from eight production high availability clusters to two geographically separated data centers. In addition, they needed to secure several bidirectional database and HTTPS communications that could not be converted to one-way. Their previous approach, firewalls, did not provide hardware-enforced separation, exposing the network to unwanted threats. Threats inside the data were also a major concern. IXD Tera enabled the energy provider to securely transfer multiple protocols and data types simultaneously on a single, 1U appliance in a high availability architecture.

Protocol Support

IXD Tera supports a variety of commonly-used industrial protocols and supports multiple protocol adapters simultaneously.


  • UDP
  • TCP
  • Oracle TNS
  • REST
  • File Transfer
  • Syslog
  • Database Synchronization
    (may require additional customization)
  • High Availability

Additional Protocol Adapters

  • OSIsoft PI System
    • Linux API
    • PI Web API
    • Asset Framework

Technical Specifications

• Dimensions: 18 ⅞” × 19″ × 1.75″
• Weight: 20 lbs
• Power: 70W @ idle, 170W maximum
• Cooling: 580 BTU max and 240 BTU typical
• Power supply voltage: 120 VAC

• Operating temp range: -10° to 50°C
• Non-operating temp: -40° to 70°C
• Operating humidity: 10 to 90% (non-condensing)
• Non-operating humidity: 10 to 95% (non-condensing)

(Front (per side)
• 1x 10G Fiber (Data)
• 1x DataKey (Boot only)

Rear (per side)
• 2xSFP 10G NICs copper or fiber (Data/MGMT)
• 1xRJ45 10/100/1000 copper NIC (OOB MGMT/DCO)
• 3x USB 3.0 (Keyboard/Mouse)
• 1x HDMI (Display)

• Supports a maximum throughput of 10G

• TPM 2.0
• UEFI Secure Boot
• Intel Boot Guard
• RHEL w/SELinux Enforcing Mode

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