Become an expert on Owl’s critical infrastructure solutions and SELinux with interactive training sessions. Our hands-on training sessions enable organizations to successfully configure and manage Owl technology, optimize their investment, and protect their critical systems.

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CI Product Training

Critical Infrastructure Product Training

This four-day critical infrastructure product training consists of hands-on education and activities on OPDS data diodes with Owl product experts. Attendees will learn how to setup and configure an OPDS device, troubleshoot, test various protocol adapters and application connectors, and more. Product trainings are offered at Owl’s Danbury, CT office location, but can also be held at customer sites (for an additional fee) upon request. Familiarity with Microsoft Windows, Linux, a command line interface, and networking concepts, such as TCP/IP, are strongly recommended.

SELinux Training

SELinux Training

This two-day SELinux Training provides attendees with an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of SELinux usage and policy development from Owl subject matter experts. It includes an interactive, discussion-based session at Owl’s Danbury, CT office, with hands-on activities. This training will help attendees:

  • Understand SELinux and type enforcement (TE) concepts.
  • Understand the differences between SELinux and other access control or security mechanisms.
  • Identify and gain a high-level understanding of the SELinux policy language.
  • Understand the security challenges that SELinux addresses.
  • Get hands-on experience writing and analyzing an SELinux policy.

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