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On-site Installation Services

Get hands-on installation assistance and training for quick and easy product deployments
Start-to-Finish, Hands-On Guidance

Owl’s On-site Installation Services include a thorough, start-to-finish installation oversight to provide customers with a timely, cost efficient, and successful deployment of Owl products. Owl experts provide hands-on technical assistance including pre-site preparation, an on-site Factory Acceptance Test, data flow configuration and verification, site acceptance testing, and on-site training of your local staff.

System Expertise on Your Schedule

Owl experts work directly with your local team for detailed coordination and scheduling of required resources, minimizing additional time and expenses for deployments. Once scheduled, typical installations can be completed within 1 to 3 days at the project location.

Owl On-site Installation Services consist of the following:

Pre-on-site preparation

Owl experts provide the advance work to ensure that your site is ready for the installation team to come on-site. The pre-site checklist ensures that everything is in place and ready prior to proceeding, e.g. site access is granted, rack space is allocated, network access is granted, network cabling is provided, local staff understands the project, project timing is defined, and local staff (such as a local network admin or firewall admin) is allocated. Owl will ensure the product has arrived or will be on-site for the installation team arrival. The pre-site checklist will be completed and signed by the site staff manager and the pre-site task team.

Factory Acceptance Test

To ensure it is in working order and properly configured before on-site installation, the Owl product will be factory installed and tested within Owl’s test lab before more detailed project work begins. A Factory Acceptance Test document will be completed and signed by the local site manager and the installation team manager.

Complete solution installation

The site installation team will fully complete the installation of the hardware and software per the agreed project plan. The completed installation project checklist will be updated and completed for the local site manager and the installation team’s final approval.

Data flow connection, configuration, and testing

The Owl product will be commissioned at the site and the planned data flows will be enabled and tested. Data collection from the source network will be initiated, passed through the Owl product(s), and delivered to the end destination system(s). Local site support by the customer admin staff typically is required at this time. Network access is required, data flows must be configured, and firewall rules typically require modification.

Site Acceptance Test (SAT) and final commissioning

After the Owl products have been fully installed, the installation team will complete a final site acceptance test (SAT) for final approval by site managers. Testing will be performed in accordance with SAT procedures developed in the early project and delivery plans. Completed and signed SAT documents will be generated and supplied to the customer in accordance with the plan.

On-site training

Training will be conducted to ensure that local site staff is enabled to maintain ongoing operation and configuration of the Owl product(s). Site training will allow the trained staff to operate, troubleshoot, and address product issues as to the site plan.

For pricing and scheduling of Owl Installation Services, please contact your Owl account executive, via email,, or our website chatbot.

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