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As a trusted advisor to the NSA, Red Hat, IBM, and other high-assurance security customers, Owl services provide our customers with the high integrity security that meets the challenges of the most demanding environments in the world.

From flexible mandatory access controls in SELinux, to known good filtering and deep content inspection, our team can work with you to design, build, deploy, and support certification and accreditation activities for your environment. Our qualified engineers are dedicated to supporting our customers, including appropriate security clearance when necessary.

Professional Services

Data Filtering

Data Filtering

Transferring files to and from your network carries the risk of introducing malicious content or inadvertently releasing sensitive data. Effectively managing file and data transfers requires a deep understanding of file structure and contents. Owl has years of experience developing file and data filtering technology to support safe data transfer for both commercial and government applications, including the Data Format Description Language (DFDL) standard and the open source Daffodil processor for DFDL.

Platform Security

Platform Security

Effective computer, mobile, and information security is essential to running any successful operation. Breaches and compromise are daily occurrences. You can’t afford to lose data, and you can’t afford downtime. With mobile devices, your enterprise has extended beyond traditional boundaries. Owl can help you secure your systems, protecting your assets and enabling you to operate with confidence.

Product Security Analysis

Product Security Analysis

Do you know what your device really does? Whether explicit or not, you have security goals for every computing device and application you use. You have to make sure you understand how well protected, and how resilient your systems are to attack. That means understanding the threats you face and configuring systems appropriately for your environment.

Security Architecture Assessment

Security Architecture Assessment

Receive a comprehensive security assessment of system architecture and configuration. Since its inception in 1999, Owl has established itself as a leader in advancing fundamental platform security technology and applying security technology to solve real-world problems. Owl’s experience in all aspects of operating system and platform security, including fundamental technology research and development, tool development, policy development and analysis, solution design, implementation, and testing provides an edge when it comes to analyzing your solution security needs.

Accreditation Process Assistance

Accreditation Process Assistance

While it is the customer’s ultimate responsibility to manage deployment and use of CDS systems within their environments, Owl strives to assure that the systems we manufacture satisfy the full range of customer requirements for performance, security, reliability and documentation. As such, Owl provides a full suite of documentation to support the Accreditation process, starting with a CDS requirements document that captures functional and security objectives, and proceeding to details of technical implementation and operation.

The document suite typically includes the following:

  • Customer Requirements (data types and performance requirements)
  • Security Objectives (security requirements for mitigating site-specific risks)
  • High Level Design (which also serves as an executive overview document)
  • Low Level Design (which maps CDS security features to RDAC components, elements, & facets)
  • Implementation Representation (deep technical detail, as required)
  • Administration Manual (user guidance)
  • Functional Test Report (QA testing)
  • Configuration Management Plan (Lifecycle support)
  • Software Installation (CDS Build) Manual
  • General User Interfacing Manual
  • Training materials

About OwlSELinux Training

SELinux Basic Training provides engineers an opportunity to learn Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) fundamentals from subject matter experts to prepare engineers on how SELinux works and can bring enhanced security to their environment.

This offering includes a two (2) day training session at Owl’s Columbia, MD office. The training is discussion-based and interactive and has two hands-on activities.

Technical Support

Owl Technical Support, provided through a monthly or annual maintenance agreement, includes a comprehensive set of services to keep your Owl products up and operating at peak performance. Customers can report issues 24x7x365 via phone, email, or through the Owl website. Technicians are available 8 AM – 5 PM ET Monday-Friday (except holidays), and are on call for critical cases.

Phone: +1 (866) 695-3387

Product Upgrades

All software upgrades, improvements, patches, and modifications are available, including new versions of the Owl TALON software platform, operating system, and applications/software modules with expanded capabilities and improved performance.

Product Support

Owl provides a full suite of support services including phone/email user support, technical troubleshooting, work-around assistance, configuration advice, and software corrections.

Warranty Replacement

Included in every support services contract, Owl’s hardware warranty covers virtually all aspects of Owl hardware. Owl will exchange any unit determined to have a defect for a new replacement unit free of charge, including shipping.

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