Secure Connections to the Cloud

1. OT networks have gigabytes of data they want to share with the cloud
2. However, security concerns have trapped that data in the plant
3. Secure cloud gateways release that data without compromising cybersecurity
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Owl helped unlock our industrial network after 30 years of an air-gapped status. I think your product will have powerful impacts on our decision-making ability now that we can safely and confidently extract OT data.
Senior Technology Manager Large Agricultural Processing Company

Data is Trapped in OT Networks

Critical infrastructure networks are generating more data than ever before. Due to cybersecurity concerns, OT data is trapped inside the network. A traditional air gap provides the highest level of security however, this architecture prevents the exchange of mission critical data. Software-based firewall solutions fail against today’s advanced persistent threats and organizations need a more secure way to transfer OT data out of their network without external routable access back into the OT network for analysis in the cloud.

Securely Release OT Data to the Cloud

Maintaining an air-gapped architecture today, secured by Owl’s hardware-enforced, data diode-based cloud gateway solutions, releases the power of data to the cloud without compromising security. Data can securely flow one-way out of the network, with no external routable access back into the source network. The air-gapped network architecture remains secure and no new threat vectors are introduced through the one-way data transfer to the cloud. Lower levels of the Purdue OT stack can be safely connected directly from OT devices to the cloud for monitoring and analysis.

Hardware-Enforced Secure Cloud Gateway Solutions

Owl’s hardware-enforced data diode-based secure cloud gateway solutions securely transfer OT data one-way out of the network through cloud brokers, like Mosquitto and Hive MQ, via industrial protocols, like MQTT and AMQP, to the cloud. The hardware-enforced nature of these solutions prevents external routable access back into the source network through these connections. Owl supports commonly-used industrial protocols and cloud brokers to achieve various cloud use case architectures.

Why Owl?

  • Trusted leader in cybersecurity for over 20 years helping clients worldwide in defense, intelligence, and critical infrastructure protect secure networks, systems, and devices – Thousands of deployments globally
  • Long time technology innovator of hardware-enforced network security solutions for protecting top US security and critical infrastructure networks – 40+ technology patents
  • Solutions have a low lifetime cost and low OpEx
  • Owl’s hardware-enforced data diodes unlock trapped data enabling critical infrastructure organizations to optimize the benefits of the cloud, without compromising security

Supported Cloud Protocols & Brokers

Owl’s hardware-enforced data diode-based secure cloud gateways support common industrial protocols and cloud brokers for secure cloud connections.


  • MQTT
  • File Transfer
  • Modbus
  • OPC
  • Historian Replication (OPTS)


  • Mosquitto
  • Hive MQ