XD Prism MPP

Streaming and File Transfer Data Diode Solution


Hardware Enforced Protection for Secure Data Transfers

In defense, intelligence, and other sensitive government agencies, data streaming and file transfer data flows are crucial components of any successful operation. Whether for collection of sensor output and information reports or the dissemination of command and control, alerts, and information, these data flows must be protected. This protection is especially critical when data flows are between missions and organizations working in different classifications and high threat/contested environments, where unauthorized access or content is prohibited.

Hardware-Enforced, One-Way Transfer Data Diodes

The Owl Cyber Defense XD Prism Multi-Protocol Platform (XD Prism MPP) data diode solution secures file transfers and data streaming between classified and unclassified networks.

The XD Prism MPP is available in several different form factors to support various use cases, with support for multi-protocol data flows at up to 10 Gbps.

Owl’s MPP software platform is based on a STIG compliant, CLIP enforced, EAL4+/OSPP Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) foundation. It is capable of scanning, validating, filtering files and streaming data to ensure only authorized content is transferred. Owl Cyber Defense’s NSA/NCDSMO evaluated and approved one-way transfer (OWT) data diodes, integrated in each XD Prism MPP hardware platform, provide hardware enforced separation of data flows.

Robust Data Flow Protection

To address mission and organization needs for additional physical separation and higher capacity dataflow streaming and transfer bandwidths, the Owl XD Prism MPP provides data flow protection for the highest threat environment connections.

  • Supports UDP-based unicast/multicast/broadcast data streams
  • Supports TCP-based file transfers or data streams
  • Utilizes Owl Remote File Transfer Service (RFTS) for enhanced file security, performance, and connectivity
  • Built-in filtering, scanning, and validation
  • TAA compliant
Filter Process XD Bridge ST

Supports Various Content Types:

  • Sensor Data
  • Syslog Messages
  • SNMP Traps
  • Video Streaming
  • Documents
  • Files
Form Factors
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