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Why Data Diodes Bolster IoT Security With One-Way Traffic

September 29, 2021
Data diodes only allow data to flow in one direction, effectively shielding the sending devices from an outside attack. Like stern traffic cops, data diodes reinforce a one-way route for data traveling through a network, ensuring that the IoT devices behind the diodes won’t be compromised by malicious incoming traffic. Simple but elegant solutions, data diodes pr...
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Owl Data Diodes Become a Critical Component of the Industry-Leading Cyber Recovery Data Vault Solution

September 21, 2021
Columbia, MD – September 21, 2021 – Owl Cyber Defense Solutions (“Owl”), the global market leader in cross domain, data diode, and network cybersecurity solutions, today announced a collaboration with Dell Technologies under the Dell Extended Technology Complete (ETC) program. The Dell ETC program identifies trusted solutions that help customers optimize and ...
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New Rules for Sharing Data with High Threat Networks

September 1, 2021
Defense and intelligence organizations regularly collect and share information between networks of varying security levels and threat profiles. They traditionally use cross-domain solution (CDS) technologies to protect transfers of and access to that information being shared. In the past few years, the threat profiles for these operations have significantly increased...
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Owl Cyber Defense Launches Groundbreaking XD Matrix Solution for Secure Data Aggregation

August 17, 2021
Columbia, MD – [August 17, 2021] – Owl Cyber Defense Solutions (“Owl”), the global market leader in cross domain solutions and data diode based network security solutions, today announced the release of XD Matrix, an industry-first cybersecurity device that aggregates data from multiple sources for secure logging and reporting. XD Matrix solves a gr...
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An Energy Company’s Approach to Proactive Critical Infrastructure Security

August 6, 2021
Recent headlines show that threats to critical infrastructure are accelerating. Adversaries’ offensive capabilities currently exceed industry’s traditional defenses, creating a need to increase plant security while keeping pace with modern business demands. When computers were first used to run Operational Technology (OT), systems like valves, pumps, and actua...
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Owl Cyber Defense Opens Regional Technology Hub in Abu Dhabi

July 14, 2021
New Office Demonstrates Company’s Commitment to Regional Customers and Ensures Access to Leading Hardware-Based Cybersecurity Solutions to Protect Critical Infrastructure    Columbia, MD and Abu Dhabi, UAE – July 14, 2021 – Owl Cyber Defense Solutions (“Owl”), the global market leader in cross domain and network security solutions, today a...
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