High Availability

Maximize uptime and ensure that data never stops flowing during a hardware or network outage.
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High Availability for Maximum Uptime

The utilization of data diodes to enable one-way transfers of data from OT to IT is an industry proven way to ensure access to data while preventing OT environments from being attacked. A single data diode is sufficient when certain durations of downtime can be tolerated during maintenance updates or outages. However, when access to data is mission critical, high availability data diode solutions maximize uptime and ensure that data never stops flowing during a hardware or network outage.

Prevent Data Loss

Owl’s Perimeter Defense High Availability Solution (OPDS-HA) consists of a pair of OPDS data diodes to create a high availability solution. It ensures maximum uptime with no data loss when outages and network interruptions occur. OPDS-HA provides unmatched flexible protocol and datatype support and eliminates many of the challenges associated with deploying data diodes in high availability environments. The high availability failover allows customers to maintain operational data flows whether there are planned (maintenance updates) or unplanned (communication disruptions) outages.

Top Use Cases

  • Loss of Power
  • Network Outages
  • Maintenance Updates

Why Owl?

  • 23 years securing government and critical infrastructure networks
  • 3000+ deployments in more than 30 countries
  • Elite hardware-enforced solutions and services that protect against the world’s most sophisticated threats and maximize uptime
  • Support for a wide variety of use cases including one-way, high availability, and bidirectional data transfers
  • Owl’s solutions have a mean time between failure of 10+ years with little to no maintenance required


The OPDS-1000 is a multi-purpose, all in one, 1U rack mountable cybersecurity solution designed to create a defensive cyber perimeter around secure networks. This solution provides secure, one-way data transfers and can support high availability use cases.

Supported Protocols & Data Types

  • Aveva PI System (OSIsoft)
  • E-mail
  • FTP
  • MQTT
  • OPC Classic (DA / A&E)
  • RFTS
  • SFTP
  • SNMP
  • Syslog
  • TCP/IP
  • UDP (Unicast, Multicast)

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