Owl Cyber Defense Launches Groundbreaking XD Matrix Solution for Secure Data Aggregation

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Columbia, MD – [August 17, 2021]Owl Cyber Defense Solutions (“Owl”), the global market leader in cross domain solutions and data diode based network security solutions, today announced the release of XD Matrix, an industry-first cybersecurity device that aggregates data from multiple sources for secure logging and reporting. XD Matrix solves a growing requirement in U.S. military and intelligence operations for enabling Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO).  

Consolidating security and operations related data, and protecting it with secure one-way data flows into a DCO enclave, a SOC, or NOC, is a pressing need for federal government, critical infrastructure and commercial operations. The unique, core technology of XD Matrix provides scalability that would otherwise be cost prohibitive and complex to maintain. 

 “XD Matrix delivers capabilities that were previously unavailable from any solution, and will be essential in maintaining compliance with new logging and reporting requirements in high assurance computing environments,” said Brian Romansky, Chief Innovation Officer at Owl. “Owl worked closely with our customers in developing this technology, and we believe it will be widely adopted across the military and intelligence communities.” 

The most urgent need for XD Matrix will be in military and intelligence operations that are subject to National Security Agency (NSA) logging and reporting requirements, including “Raise the Bar” requirements for hardware-enforced one-way transfer. To meet the requirements, operations must send log data from cross domain solutions and other secure systems to centralized monitoring stations, using one-way data transfer technology such as data diodes.   

XD Matrix acts as a “diode concentrator,” aggregating data streams from as many as 32 separate sources, sending the information across one-way data diode connections, and then delivering between two and eight data flows to the intended destinations. By aggregating data streams, XD Matrix greatly simplifies compliance with NSA requirements by eliminating the need to install a separate one-way transfer device for each secure connection. Owl began receiving XD Matrix orders several months before the official product launch, indicating both the urgency of the NSA mandates and the effectiveness of Owl’s solution. 

Owl developed XD Matrix using the company’s new XDE technology, which provides high-performance, hardware-enforced cybersecurity capabilities in components small enough to be embedded in other devices. “Owl’s innovations in miniaturized security hardware are what made XD Matrix possible,” said Mike Parry, Product Manager for Embedded Technology at Owl. “No other approach would deliver the combination of security, performance and efficiency that XD Matrix provides.” 

Owl plans to further enhance XD Matrix in future versions with additional logging and filtering capabilities and support for additional communication protocols. 

More information on XD Matrix is available here. 


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Owl Cyber Defense cross domain solutions, data diode, and portable media solutions provide hardened network security checkpoints for absolute threat prevention and secure data availability. Certified by the U.S. government, independent testing authorities, and international standards bodies, Owl technologies and services help to secure the network edge and enable controlled unidirectional and bidirectional data transfers. For over 20 years, clients worldwide in defense, intelligence, and infrastructure have trusted Owl’s unmatched expertise to protect networks, systems, and devices.