How Our Products Work

Owl data diodes can perform a data transfer in three different scenarios:


Data diodes enable a secured network to send data one-way out to external users and systems that need it. The send side emits light (aka data) to a photo receiver on the destination side. It’s like a one-way valve for data—on tap whenever you need it, with no entry back in.


Data diodes can also be used to transfer data, such as software updates and executables one-way into a secured network. Optional filtering and anti-virus keeps dangerous files from entering and hackers have no visibility into the network.


Some systems cannot operate one-way, so they require a two-way solution. For these use cases, Owl has unique bidirectional data diode solutions that operate on two parallel one-way paths. Get all the security advantages of data diodes with the flexibility of a two-way solution.

We’re real people behind these machines

With a culture of innovation and a goal of excellence in everything we do, the Owl team are leaders in our industry and our community. We take pride in the creation of Owl’s market-first products and technology, but we don’t succeed unless your organization is secure and satisfied.

Expertise You Can Count on

With twenty years of experience protecting networks and digital assets across government, industrial, and commercial organizations, the Owl team is seasoned and ready to help you tackle your toughest cybersecurity challenges.

The Market Leader

Since its founding, Owl has consistently led the world in data diode technology. Our solutions feature unmatched capabilities, throughput, value, and ease of use—no competing solution even comes close.

Even the Big Guys Trust Data Diodes.

Some of the world’s largest industrial and commercial organizations—not to mention the U.S. government—trust Owl with the defense of their most sensitive digital assets.

Homeland Security
Department of the Navy
Department of the Air Force
Department of the Army
Department of State
Department of Energy
Department of Justice - FBI
National Security Agency - US
US Department of Homeland Security
US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Don't Just Take Our Word For It.

Owl technology is certified and validated by industry specialists and regulatory bodies recognized all over the world.

Common Criteria EAL
Safety Act
ISO Certification

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