Embedded Cybersecurity Modules

Thinking about the next level of security for your PLCs? What if your PLCs were self-protected? Equipment manufacturers are moving towards self-protected operational technology. From SCADA devices to PLCs, industrial devices are getting ready to secure themselves.

Stand-Alone vs. Embedded Cybersecurity

Industrial network owners are seeking alternatives to complex, maintenance-intensive industrial firewalls and stand-alone solutions. Industrial equipment manufacturers that embed more secure, less expensive cybersecurity solutions into industrial network devices position themselves to increase market value by meeting industrial network owners’ expectations for enhanced security, with a more secure and unified approach.

Planning on creating your own embedded security solution?

Developing, building, testing, and validating your own embeddable network security solution requires massive resources, high costs, and a tremendous amount of time and effort. Owl has already done the heavy lifting for you, by deconstructing our proven, high assurance, validated technology and making it available as individual modules for equipment manufacturers. Trust the experts and get to market faster with Owl’s embedded cybersecurity modules and expertise.

Protection Inspired by Real-World Threats

U.S. Government agencies and critical infrastructure owners have for years, recognized the need to protect sensitive networks from threat-actor access and malicious code. Owl’s FPGA-based cybersecurity modules address those objectives, in part, by reducing or eliminating the vulnerabilities inherent in the x86/Windows ecosystem – the same ecosystem that the hacker community has devoted decades to understanding and exploiting.

XDE Modules

Supporting a high throughput range of 1 Gbps to 40 Gbps, these embeddable modules provide hardware-enforced data evaluation and control, without exposing the secure network to risk. Developed with FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) filtering technology, these miniaturized modules are disrupting the market due to their size, flexibility, power, and speed and can be designed directly into industrial control systems.
= ITAR Restrictions
It is the policy of the United States to deny licenses and other approvals for exports and imports of defense articles and defense services, destined for or originating in certain countries. Owl Government Products are restricted by 22 U.S.C. 2778 of the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) and Executive Order 13637. The International Traffic in Arms Regulations ("ITAR," 22 CFR 120-130) implements the AECA. Export Licenses for ITAR controlled items are processed through a form DSP-5 for permanent or temporary export. This includes screening clients that are in associated with Sanctioned or Embargoed countries. Additionally, there are certain "End-Use Controls" which prohibit exports to certain countries.
Increase Market Value

Provide more value to your customers by eliminating their need for maintenance-intensive, stand-alone solutions, while saving them money, with a more secure and unified approach

Get to Market Fast

Quickly meet the growing demand for embedded cybersecurity and provide industrial network owners’ with a secure way to transfer data from a production floor to the cloud, or a remote data center, with a ready-to-go module, instead of building it yourself from scratch

Reduce Maintenance

Support your customers’ desire to replace maintenance-intensive cybersecurity solutions with easy-to-configure, easy-to-maintain cybersecurity modules that require minimal updates or maintenance.

XDE Radium Development Kit

Interested in testing XDE Radium in your network environment? Why build your own network security solution? The XDE Radium Development Kit is intended for Engineers and Product Managers who are interested in evaluating an XDE Radium module in their representative network environment as a risk reduction tool. The low-cost development kit provides the product insight required to reduce integration challenges and speed time to market. Owl engineers and sales professionals will work alongside users to ensure development kit testing is a success from the start.

Here to Help You Be Successful

XDE Modules can be used in a variety of use cases, with a variety of design patterns. These modules can be deployed stand-alone, can be embedded directly into industrial devices, and can be used as single modules or in multiple pairs. Owl provides a custom development experience where industrial equipment manufacturers can create the most valuable solution for their use case, based on their requirements.

Custom Filters

Build custom, hardware-based, application-specific filters that are tuned to enforce unique requirements for your protected asset

Hardware Testing

Perform integration and testing of the hardware security modules to provide validation in realistic networking environments

Custom Modules

Create customized versions of the modules or license the design for use in your own integrated layout

Why Owl Cyber Defense?

With decades of expertise in securing the world’s most secure networks for both critical infrastructure and government organizations, Owl is decomposing our technology and making it available as individual modules to industrial device manufacturers.

  • A leader in the network security industry for over 20 years
  • U.S. owned and operated, with a U.S. supply chain
  • A leader in cross domain solutions
  • Multi-market solutions – critical infrastructure, DoD, and intelligence agencies
  • Trusted by the world’s largest critical infrastructure and defense organizations
  • 40+ patents | 20 patents pending | 2,500+ deployments globally

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