Owl Cyber Defense Solutions Joins Government Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP)

Ridgefield, CT, Jan. 09, 2018 — Owl Cyber Defense Solutions, LLC (“Owl”), the market leader in data diode network cybersecurity solutions, is proud to announce the company in now an official member of the Government Industry Data Exchange Program (“GIDEP”) supply chain quality control program.

GIDEP is a cooperative data sharing program between government and industry participants in the United States and Canada that seeks to reduce or eliminate unnecessary expenditures and mitigate the introduction of counterfeit or incompatible components in the supply chain.

According to the official GIDEP website:

Proper utilization of GIDEP data can materially improve the total quality and reliability of systems and components during the acquisition and logistics phases of the life cycle and reduce costs in the development and manufacture of complex systems and equipment.

In addition to its recent ISO 9001:2015 certification, membership in GIDEP marks another step in a concerted quality control program by Owl.

“We want to do everything in our power to ensure our customers receive nothing but the highest quality cybersecurity products and services, and that comes down to analyzing and perfecting every part of our products and supply chain,” said Sal Morlando, Owl COO. “Membership in GIDEP will provide a wealth of information to help Owl to maintain the impeccable standards we have always set for ourselves, and further cement the superiority of Owl products in the market.”

Managed and funded by the U.S. Government, GIDEP’s participating organizations include: the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Department of Energy, General Services Administration, Federal Aviation Administration, National Institute of Standards and Technology, and National Security Agency, as well as the Canadian Department of Defence. While membership in GIDEP is voluntary, the guidance and information provided is critical for manufacturers of products for the government and defense industries, as quality control standards and security requirements continue to increase.



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Owl Cyber Defense leads the world in data diode and cross domain network cybersecurity. With a constant focus on customers in the military, government, critical infrastructure, and commercial communities, Owl develops market-first, one-way data transfer products to meet a variety of operational needs, from entry level to enterprise.

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