Owl Cyber Defense Solutions Releases Enhanced Secure Software Update Solution

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Ridgefield, CT, Nov. 28, 2017 — Owl Cyber Defense Solutions, LLC (“Owl”), the market leader in data diode network cybersecurity solutions, is proud to announce the company has released an upgraded version of its Secure Software Update Solution (SSUS). SSUS is a single-box, data diode-based cybersecurity solution, designed to validate, scan, and transfer software patch and executable files into secured or isolated networks.

SSUS replaces vulnerable portable media and walk-net-based update systems with a highly controlled, traceable, and secure hardware-based solution. It individually validates executable and non-executable files utilizing a hash code manifest system, content inspection, file type/extension checks, antivirus, and ASCII scanning. This latest release enhances SSUS with additional processing power, more storage, an improved GUI, and a state-of-the-art audit logging system.

“Owl is intently focused on the continual improvement of our products and services to help our customers successfully secure their environments,” said Scott Coleman, Director of Product Management & Marketing for Owl. “SSUS is now faster, more capable, and more user friendly than ever.”

SSUS is currently in operation to meet the inbound network security requirements of a variety of use cases, from a US National Laboratory to aircraft maintenance industrial vending machines. SSUS can also be used in conjunction with portable media vetting kiosks, firewalls, and other cybersecurity tools as a part of a defense-in-depth architecture.



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