Network Packet Transfer System

NPTS application provides secure one-way transfer for all network packets across the dual diode. Users of this application typically need a solution for monitoring (sniffing) all network traffic at full line-rate. The Send-only side of NPTS “listens for” and processes all raw Ethernet packets on the source network, sending them across the data diode one-way path. On the Receive-only side, NPTS restores the traffic to native Ethernet packet format for processing by a client IDS monitoring system or other application.

All of the Owl Data Transfer Applications leverage our exclusive, Common Criteria EAL certified technology to support reliable, high speed one-way transmissions. Consisting of a pair of send-only and receive-only communication cards, Owl’s patented data diode operates at the transport protocol layer assuring data integrity and availability at speeds ranging from 26 Mbps to 10 Gbps.