XD Guardian XML

Exportable Cross Domain Solution


XD Guardian XML is a dual-guard, quad-diode cross domain appliance that combines flexibility with low cost and high performance. The functional equivalent of Owl’s XD Bridge™ product, XD Guardian XML is the only exportable cross domain solution that has been assessed against the U.S. government’s most rigorous requirements for cross domain solutions.

XD Guardian XML supports both hardware enforced unidirectional and bidirectional transfer modes ensuring fast, effective, and secure data transfer between systems of differing security levels. With its standard 1U rack-mountable configuration and minimal administration requirements, XD Guardian XML can be easily deployed in enterprise applications or remote or isolated environments. Structured data filters are available for both file transfer and streaming protocols.

Key Capabilities

  • TCP/UDP streaming of structured (XML schemas) and fixed format (Link16, USMTF, VMF DFDL schemas) data messages
  • REST POST transfer of structured and fixed format data files
  • Software-enforced linear assured pipeline filtering
  • Hardware-enforced diode-based processing isolation and separation


XD Guardian XML has undergone rigorous testing to meet U.S. government security standards.

  • MDA FMS Baseline Certification (Q2CY21)
  • NSA and Common Criteria hardware-enforced diode certification
  • Common Criteria and NIAP certified Operating System
  • CLIP enforced STIG compliant configuration

Assured Data Transfer for International Operations

XD Guardian XML brings certified cross domain security to every industry, around the world.

  • Coalition military operations
  • Foreign governments and defense
  • Commercial, industrial, and utility organizations
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