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Owl offers a comprehensive set of Professional Services and Technical Support to assist our customers throughout the process of selecting, accrediting, deploying, and maintaining their Owl products. Owl qualified engineers are dedicated to supporting our customers, including appropriate security clearance when necessary.

Service Options

Professional Services

Professional Services

Owl Professional Services puts Owl’s decades of combined experience, knowledge, and expertise in our customers’ hands to assist in selecting, evaluating, accrediting, and managing Owl solutions. Owl offers on-site training and installation for all our products and solutions in addition to a full suite of Risk Management Framework (RMF) Assessment and Authorization (A&A) assistance services.

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Configuration Management

Configuration Management

Owl Configuration Management is an in-house service wherein Owl maintains an exact copy of a customer system onsite at Owl HQ. This allows the Owl Services team to quickly and efficiently trouble-shoot, confirm settings, prepare processes and procedures for upgrades, test third party software packages, develop Factory Acceptance Tests, and evaluate operating system changes.

All of these activities are performed on the replicated system hosted at Owl so that any incompatibilities or required documentation changes can be identified before they are implemented on the production system at the customer’s site. Configuration Management service offers faster resolution to technical issues and allows the testing of new configurations without impacting on-going operations, data flows or end-users.

Accreditation Process Assistance

Accreditation Process Assistance

While it is the customer’s ultimate responsibility to manage deployment and use of CDS systems within their environments, Owl strives to assure that the systems we manufacture satisfy the full range of customer requirements for performance, security, reliability and documentation. As such, Owl provides a full suite of documentation to support the Accreditation process, starting with a CDS requirements document that captures functional and security objectives, and proceeding to details of technical implementation and operation.

The document suite typically includes the following:

  • Customer Requirements (data types and performance requirements)
  • Security Objectives (security requirements for mitigating site-specific risks)
  • High Level Design (which also serves as an executive overview document)
  • Low Level Design (which maps CDS security features to RDAC components, elements, & facets)
  • Implementation Representation (deep technical detail, as required)
  • Administration Manual (user guidance)
  • Functional Test Report (QA testing)
  • Configuration Management Plan (Lifecycle support)
  • Software Installation (CDS Build) Manual
  • General User Interfacing Manual
  • Training materials

Technical Support

Technical Support, provided through a monthly or annual maintenance agreement, includes a comprehensive set of services to keep your Owl products up and operating at peak performance. Customers can report issues 24x7x365 via phone, email, or through the Owl website. Technicians are available 8 AM – 5 PM ET Monday-Friday (except holidays), and are on call for critical cases.

Product Upgrades

All software upgrades, improvements, patches, and modifications are available, including new versions of the Owl TALON software platform, operating system, and applications/software modules with expanded capabilities and improved performance.

Product Support

Owl provides a full suite of support services including phone/email user support, technical troubleshooting, work-around assistance, configuration advice, and software corrections.

Warranty Replacement

Included in every support services contract, Owl’s hardware warranty covers virtually all aspects of Owl hardware. Owl will exchange any unit determined to have a defect for a new replacement unit free of charge, including shipping.

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