Solutions for Critical Infrastructure

Protecting the vital systems and operations that form the backbone of modern society.

Safety and reliability are considered to be two of the most important aspects of any production plant, and as SCADA, PLC, and other ICS technology evolves, critical infrastructure facilities are becoming much more dependent on digital cyber assets. However, most operators struggle to adequately protect their facilities from cyberattack while still providing operational data to end-users outside the facility. Owl supplies critical infrastructure operators with hardened, reliable data diode cybersecurity solutions to protect them from cyber threats and increase the reliability and safety of the plant, pipeline, grid, transmission system, network, or any other environment with digital controls.

Owl data diode products secure the network boundary while using proprietary technology to transfer any variety of data types and files (e.g. packet streams, databases, event logs, alarms, streaming surveillance video, and more) to the corporate network, the cloud, a remote monitoring facility, or any other destination. Owl has also partnered with a number of industrial control manufacturers (Schneider, Rockwell, OSIsoft, GE, Yokogawa, Mitsubishi Electric) to provide both standards based interfaces and vendor specific transfer applications.

Please see the Commercial Productspage for the full range of vendors, data types, standards, protocols and file types supported.


File & Directory Transfer
Real-Time Data Streaming
Database Replication
SIEM & Remote Monitoring
Software Update & Patching

Critical Infrastructure Markets Served

While Owl data diodes can be used in any network to protect valuable digital
assets, below are a number of example existing markets.
Power Generation
Power Transmission & Distribution
Energy Oil & Gas
Water & Wastewater
Chemicals & Hazardous Materials
Air/Rail Transportation

Example Critical
Infrastructure Use Cases

  • Secure Remote Performance Monitoring
  • Alarms & Events / SIEM Monitoring
  • Patch Management & Protecting Unpatched Systems
  • IIoT Security – PLCs, SCADA, Pipelines, BOPs, etc.
  • Network Segmentation