XDE Radium

XDE Radium

XD Radium

Cybersecurity is an arms race. The U.S. Government has learned the hard way that software-only defenses are vulnerable to the tools, techniques, and procedures developed and used by the malicious actor community. That is why standards such as NIST IR 8320 and Raise-the-Bar (RTB) emphasize hardware-based security as an emerging tool for defending against software-focused exploits. Owl is developing combined hardware + software security solutions that work synergistically to implement MITRE’s D3FEND Network Isolation tactic through Broadcast Domain Isolation and Inbound/Outbound Filtering techniques. 

XDE Radium is a hardware-based Protocol Filtering Diode certified at EAL 4+ and is also certified by the U.S. Government. XDE Radium performs network whitelisting, protocol filtering, and flow-enforcement in hardware where it protects against packet header exploits such as Ripple 20, and others. XDE Radium’s small form factor makes it an ideal candidate for embedment in network appliances such as servers, switches, and gateways. Owl has also placed XDE Radium in a rugged custom enclosure as part of the XD Verge product. 

XDE Radium is based on FPGA technology and hardware isolators. It demands far less configuration time and attention when compared to hardware-only firewalls. It also requires far fewer patches and updates to repair the inevitable bugs and critical vulnerabilities so common with software-only solutions. Network owners managing XDE Radium-based solutions will reap multiple benefits including lower total cost of ownership and increased network security.  

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