XD Guardian

XD Guardian™ brings proven, accredited cross-domain solution capabilities to international customers.


The Only SABI-Certified Exportable Cross Domain Solution

With its unmatched flexibility, reduced costs, and high performance, XD Guardian brings cross domain information transfer to a new level. The functional equivalent of XD Bridge, XD Guardian is exportable and ideal for use by:

  • Foreign governments
  • Non-U.S. industrial, nuclear, and utility organizations
  • System integrators with international business

Secure and Adaptable

A dual-guard, quad-diode cross domain appliance, XD Guardian:

  • Provides strong security at each system layer: hardware, operating system, and filters
  • Supports both unidirectional and fully bidirectional transfer modes
  • Features best-in-class performance with 1 Gb network interfaces delivering high throughput, low latency data transfer

The most cost-effective cross domain solution (CDS) in the market today, XD Guardian is available in a standard 1U 19″ rack-mountable configuration for use in enterprise applications or in remote or isolated environments. Depending on your application requirements, multiple tactical forms factors are also possible.

Meets Rigorous Certification Standards

XD Guardian meets U.S government requirements for CDS applications and is the only cross domain solution with SABI (Secret and Below Interoperability) certification available outside the U.S. This rigorous testing ensures that XD Guardian has the hardened security and high performance required for virtually any cross domain or data diode application worldwide.

Flexible Filtering

Filters are available for both file transfer and streaming protocols such as full-motion video.

The XD Guardian file transfer filter can perform:

  • File type whitelist/blacklist
  • Antivirus scanning
  • XML schema validation

To meet unique requirements, the product’s design enables rapid development of data-filtering capabilities, including custom security policies and filters. In addition, Owl offers a two-day filter development course that enables customers or integrators to easily develop custom filters.

XD Guardian™ provides a flexible, modular platform for deploying cross domain data transfer filters. Certified filters exist for file transfer and streaming applications. The architecture allows additional special purpose filters to be developed and deployed as requirements evolve.

Supported Protocols

Supported Protocols

TCP, FTP, SFTP, FTP/S, UDP (Unicast, Multicast, Broadcast)

Tech Specs

Technical Specifications


18.875″ x 26″ x 1.75″



18.5 lb.



132W @ idle, 220W maximum



750 BTU max and 450 BTU typical


120 VAC @ 60Hz, 115 VAC 400Hz, 48 VDC


PORTS (per side)

10/100/1000 Ethernet (data transfer), 10/100 Ethernet (management), ST Fiber (1 transmit, 1 receive), DataKey (active on boot only), USB 2.0 (keyboard), VGA (video), Tubular pin lock (key load lock)



-10° to 50°C



-40° to 70°C

ALTITUDE (Unpressurized)

4,600 m. (15,000 ft.)



Maximum 90% non-condensing relative humidity



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