Best Practices for Protecting Oil & Gas OT Networks from Cyber-Attacks

Thursday, May 4th, 2023 at 11:30am EST
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About the Webinar

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Recent cybersecurity reports indicate that the oil and gas industry is increasingly vulnerable to threats originating from IT networks. Although ransomware and cyber-attacks may not specifically target OT systems and operations, without strong network separation between OT and IT, threats that originate from IT can easily spread to OT causing operations to shut down. However, complete network isolation isn’t the answer. Through the proper use of network segmentation, data and OT systems can be utilized and monitored remotely, while mitigating advanced persistent security risks.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Oil and gas cybersecurity challenges
  • Best practices for preventing ransomware in OT using network segmentation
  • DHS recommendations for secure data mobility
  • Secure historian replication from OT to IT using OPC
  • Use cases for defending oil and gas high threat environments

Meet The Speakers

Scott Coleman

VP of Product Management

With a strong technical background and 30+ years of experience working for high tech, B2B companies, Scott’s experience centers on real-time network solutions covering several industries including critical infrastructure, cybersecurity, wiretapping, healthcare, telecommunications, logistics, and call centers for both the private and public sectors.

Jeff van Heiningen

Principal Products Service Engineer

With a passion for securing OT environments, Jeff works directly with customers and has been supporting customer integrations for over 7 years at Owl. He has experience working with customers on a variety of use cases, including deployments utilizing protocols like OPC, AVEVA PI, and Modbus.