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Assessment and Authorization

Save time and money with assistance from the leading experts on CDS accreditation
Support Every Step of the Way

Certifying and accrediting a cross domain solution (CDS) can be a grueling experience. If you are unprepared or don’t understand the intricacies of the certification process, it can cost you an inordinate amount of time and money. Get the experience and expertise needed to guide you through the assessment & authorization (A&A) process in the most efficient manner possible.

Get Expert Assistance:

  • Developing a strategy for completion, no matter where you are in the A&A process
  • Working collaboratively with evaluators
  • Writing and preparing required documentation

Inside-Out Understanding

Not only have we taken numerous CDS products through the A&A process, but we can provide unique insights from our experience in providing both training and testing support to the National Security Agency, helping them set up the A&A testing organization. We also maintain a working relationship with key stakeholders in the responsible organizations. This distinctive experience means that we have a complete understanding of all aspects of the process.

Checklist for A&A Success
  • Understand upfront the time and costs involved to complete the A&A process
  • Design and build your CDS solution with certification in mind
  • Build appropriate documentation while you build the solution
  • Take a collaborative approach, avoiding an adversarial relationship with evaluators

Documentation Support

While it is the customer’s ultimate responsibility to manage deployment and use of CDS systems within their environments, working with Owl assures that your systems will satisfy the full range of requirements for performance, security, reliability and documentation. As such, you receive a full suite of documentation to support the accreditation process, starting with a CDS requirements document that captures functional and security objectives, and proceeding to details of technical implementation and operation.

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