SQL Database Transfer

As demands increase for greater efficiency and operational intelligence, access to operational data has become vital to improve outcomes and decision making. However, much of this data resides in databases inside highly sensitive and secure networks. The traditional method of enabling external users to reach into secured networks has proven disastrously unsafe as it pokes holes in theses networks’ defenses. In order securely support this growing demand for data, businesses require a method to access the information contained in the databases without compromising network security.


SDTS, in conjunction with Owl data diode hardware, provides secure SQL database replication and one-way data transfer from a protected source network (data center, plant, field office) to an external network or the cloud. Highly scalable and flexible, SDTS supports both “snapshot” replication, for copying an entire database at infrequent intervals, or “change” replication for near real-time updates of individual data rows. SDTS currently supports Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and above, and is compatible with the OPDS-100, OPDS-1000 and EPDS products.