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Owl Cyber Defense Wins President’s “E” Award for Excellence in U.S. Exports

May 23, 2019
Data Diode Cybersecurity Leader Recognized for Sustained Growth in International Business Danbury, CT -  May 23, 2019 - Owl Cyber Defense Solutions, LLC (“Owl”), the global market leader in data diode network cybersecurity solutions, announced today that the company was presented with the President’s “E” Award for Exports by U.S. Secretary of Commerce...
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NOV Gets Secure Access to BOP Data with Owl Cyber Defense

April 8, 2019
ARC featured a considerable cybersecurity track at this year’s Industry Forum in Orlando, and convergence of safety and cybersecurity was a major topic. The TRITON/TRISIS malware attack on a process safety system was the catalyst that sparked a major conversation, not just about process safety systems as they relate to cybersecurity, but also the wider topic of saf...
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High-Level Strategies for Third-Party Risk Mitigation

April 5, 2019
There are so many technologies and strategies and buzz words around cybersecurity these days that it can be difficult to know where to start. It’s hard enough thinking about the myriad threats that can find their way into your organization without even broaching the subject of third-parties and trusted connections. However, there are a few fundamental, high-level s...
Thought Leadership

Aite Radio with Alissa Knight | Interview with Scott Coleman

March 20, 2019
Episode 2: Interview with Scott Coleman of OWL Cyber Defense In this episode, we interview Scott Coleman, Director of Marketing & Product Management at Owl Cyber Defense. In this episode we'll discuss data diodes and their idiosyncratic differences from firewalls. We'll also go into detail about the unique product line offered by OWL, implementation architectur...
Product Announcement

Owl Cyber Defense Announces Compact ReCon Solution for Bidirectional Communication

March 5, 2019
March 4, 2019 - Owl Cyber Defense Solutions, LLC (“Owl”), the market leader in data diode network cybersecurity solutions, is proud to announce the release of the next generation of ReCon, a bidirectional data diode-based cybersecurity solution designed for network segmentation and secure remote command and control. The first-generation ReCon, launched less than...
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Owl Cyber Defense Webinar for New OPDS-Talon Core Software

January 9, 2019
Owl Cyber Defense Webinar for New OPDS-Talon Core Software Owl Cyber Defense, one of the leading data diode suppliers for secure unidirectional communications, released the latest version of its recently productized core software platform. Version of OPDS, otherwise known as OPDS-Talon, was released on December 19th for use on both the OPDS and EPDS data di...
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