OPDS Supports DHS Seven Strategies

OPDS Supports DHS Seven Strategies

Owl Supports DHS Seven StrategiesIt takes layers of security to defend against today’s cyberattacks; this layered approach is referred to as defense-in-depth. Owl’s data-diode based DualDiode products are used by many critical-infrastructure operators today to build defense-in-depth security architectures.

In three of the strategies the DHS explicitly recommends the use of data diodes. To help understand how Owl’s data diode solutions support all seven strategies, we have created a matrix that matches Owl’s data diode capabilities with the various recommendations made in the strategies.

However, Owl’s defense-in-depth story doesn’t end there. Not only do Owl’s data diode products play a role in helping operators implement each of the strategies, those strategies are also designed into the data diodes to defend themselves with their own defense-in-depth strategies.

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