Regional US Bank Enables Network Monitoring

Regional US Bank Enables Network Monitoring

Company Overview

A regional US bank with over 150 branch locations, 100,000 customers and a high demand transaction environment.

Case Summary:

Industry: Banking

Challenge: Preserve security and isolation of bank operations center while enabling remote monitoring.

Solution: OPDS-100 data diodes capable of transferring email notifications, alarms and files.

Benefits: One-way data flow ensures bank transaction network is secure from external cyber threats. Enabled IT staff to remotely monitor system performance, alarms and events.

Cybersecurity Challenge

To mitigate cyber threats, the bank isolated their transaction center from all external networks. However, due to the high demand on the system, bank operations needed to be monitored constantly to assure peak performance and downtime as close to zero as possible. The bank required a way to enable on-call IT staff to remotely monitor banking operations 24×7 without opening the transaction center back up to external cyber network threats.


  • Preserve “disconnected” architecture of transaction network, with no connections or access from external networks
  • Permit alarm and event notifications to be transferred to on-call IT staff for remote monitoring of transaction center systems

Use Case | Before


OPDS-100 was selected to preserve disconnected nature of the bank transaction network and enable deterministic, one-way data transfer of performance, alarm and event files to IT staff for remote monitoring.

Use Case | After



Owl Perimeter Defense Solution – 100 (OPDS-100)
Self-contained 1U data diode, purpose-built for network segmentation and deterministic, one-way data transfer.


  1. Provided deterministic outbound flow of performance, alarm and event files, including email notifications
  2. Enabled IT staff to remotely monitor performance, alarm and event data from transaction center
  3. Created secure, hardware-enforced boundary around the bank transaction network to preserve disconnected architecture
  4. Bank transaction network cannot be accessed via any external network connection