Remote File Transfer Service

RFTS is designed as a secure file transfer application that doesn’t have the inherent vulnerabilities of commonly used protocols like FTP and NFS, with the added benefit that files can be encrypted, scanned and filtered before being transferred. Fully integrated with the OPDS and OCDS product lines, RFTS is a client/server architecture that identifies and securely moves files from the source network, across the network security boundary via the data diode solution to network directories on the destination network. RFTS can transfer single files, multiples files and complete directory structures.


The RFTS client traverses the designated directories/folders on the source network for new files that need to be transferred at predetermined intervals. Once identified, the client can encrypt the files before starting the transfer to the server running on Owl data diode platforms. The file passes through the data diode from the source side to the destination side and is then routed to the destination network where the local RFTS server places it in the final directory.