Owl Virtual Screen View Service

Owl Virtual Screen View Service is a software application that allows HMI screens within a plant or facility to be replicated at a remote location. OV2S collects real-time HMI screen images from within the plant and uses Owl data diode platforms to transfer those images across the security boundary of the plant to end-users on other networks.  The secure one-way transfer of screen content by an Owl data diode solution enables operators and administrators in different networks to monitor activity, troubleshoot systems, and recommend process changes.


OV2S is comprised of a Server component and a Client component. The OV2S Server is installed within the plant on the computer platform(s) to be monitored. The application gathers display changes as they occur, and sends them as a UDP datagram stream to the source side of the data diode platform for transfer. The Owl data diode securely transfers the data to end-user platforms where the OV2S client is installed. The client then renders the original HMI screen in its own window on the user’s computer. OV2S can support multiple segregated network inputs and outputs, and supports unicast, multicast and broadcast user destinations.