Owl Performance Management Service

OPMS provides centralized monitoring of performance and operating information of an Owl data diode fleet.  The software runs on both the source and destination sides of the data diode and collects and encrypts statistics and then sends that data to the OPMS server. The web-based graphical dashboard displays log file data and system health statistics, streamlining and simplifying health monitoring and administrative support for the dedicated Owl device administrator.

Typical Uses

Customers are using OPMS globally to monitor local and remote facilities where OPDS solutions are deployed.  OPMS is typically used when multiple data diodes are deployed, where statistical data must be monitored in a consolidated view, or when multiple diodes from remote facilities must be monitored from a central facility.  Because Owl data diode performance data is encrypted and pushed one-way out of the device, OPMS is safe to use across network boundaries.