Owl Talon™

Owl Perimeter Defense Solution Software Platform

Owl Cyber Defense specializes in data diode hardware technology that allows for secure, one-way data transfer while providing absolute network segmentation, assuring network security against malware and control system override, as well as defending against other risks. While OPDS data diodes enforce network segmentation and eliminate the risk of penetration, a complementary software layer is required in order to manage the device, enforce security, interact with the network and control data flow. Owl TalonTM is the software layer that operates the device, manages data flows and protocols while allowing the data diode to interact with endpoints on the network. Built on a defense-in-depth strategy, the OPDS hardware and Talon software operate together in a layered approach to defend both the network and hardware from cyber attacks.

Features & Enhancements

The latest version of the Owl TalonTM software platform features a user-friendly menu design, more network diagnostics, and simplified configuration.

  • Clean menu design for simplified navigation

  • Menu-based server configuration (previously command line)

  • Common network diagnostics tools available in menus

  • Select menu options displayed by both user role type and server mode

  • Simplified process for updating and viewing current software versions

  • Application updates for improved performance and stability