HTTP Protocol Adapter

Enable Secure One-Way HTTP Transfers

Owl Cyber Defense specializes in data diode hardware technology that allows for secure, one-way data transfer while providing absolute network segmentation, assuring network security against malware and control system override, and other threats. Owl offers a HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) software interface for the OPDS platform that proxies HTTP requests for secure transfer across the OPDS one-way path.

The Owl HTTP connector provides an interface point between the diode and the applications running on the networks that the software platform connects to.


  1. The software acts as a data exchange protocol, pushing files or data across an OPDS using “Put” and “Post” commands
  2. These commands allow an application to submit a file for transfer to the HTTP proxy, running on the Source server
  3. After receiving the transfer request, the software prepares the file for transfer across the OPDS
  4. Once the file is transferred, the HTTP application running on the Destination side of the Owl data diode receives the file
  5. File is prepared for delivery and is sent to its final destination