DNP3 Protocol Adapter

Proxy Software Adapter for DNP3 Transfer

Distributed Network Protocol 3 (DNP3) is a many-to-one remote monitoring communication industrial protocol. Utilized by a variety of Critical Infrastructure verticals, DNP3 is commonly used for telecontrol equipment and systems that require data transmission for monitoring geographically widespread practices remotely.

Any application utilizing the DNP3 protocol will have a master (controlling station) and one or more slaves (controlled stations). The master controlling station will constantly monitor the data from each slave in the network. The power transmission and distribution industry has a need to secure the communications between their master control station and their slaves.


Unlike industrial firewalls, the DNP3 protocol combined with an Owl data diode, provides hardened security that cannot be hacked. With less maintenance compared to industrial firewalls, this combined solution is the most effective method for power transmission and distribution organizations to securely collect monitoring data from their substations.