XD Bridge ST

Cross Domain Solution for Fixed Format and Streaming Data

ITAR Restrictions
It is the policy of the United States to deny licenses and other approvals for exports and imports of defense articles and defense services, destined for or originating in certain countries. Owl Government Products are restricted by 22 U.S.C. 2778 of the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) and Executive Order 13637. The International Traffic in Arms Regulations ("ITAR," 22 CFR 120-130) implements the AECA. Export Licenses for ITAR controlled items are processed through a form DSP-5 for permanent or temporary export. This includes screening clients that are in associated with Sanctioned or Embargoed countries. Additionally, there are certain "End-Use Controls" which prohibit exports to certain countries.

RTB-Ready Secure Data Transfer

XD Bridge ST is a flexible, high performance cross domain solution (CDS) providing assured transfer for streaming or posting fixed format and structured data.

XD Bridge ST provides data inspection and sanitization through a comprehensive linear pipeline filtering process using validated data schemas to ensure data is “clean” prior to transfer. Owl’s linear assured pipelines enable a wide range of high-to-low and low-to-high use cases, with support for XML, USMTF, VMF, and other data formats.

Owl’s XD Bridge ST is available in a variety of form factors to meet a variety of operational needs, with bandwidth capabilities up to 10 Gbps.

Filter Process XD Bridge ST


  • TCP/UDP streaming of structured (XML schemas) and fixed format (USMTF, VMF DFDL schemas) data messages
  • Software-enforced linear assured pipeline filtering
  • Hardware-enforced diode-based processing isolation and separation
XD Bridge ST - Front Straight


  • NCDSMO Baseline certification anticipated Q1CY24
  • NSA and Common Criteria hardware-enforced diode certification
  • CLIP enforced STIG compliant configuration
  • Raise-the-Bar (RTB) phase one compliant

Hardware-Enforced Domain Separation

Owl CDS solutions integrate data diodes to provide hardware-enforced one-way data transfer capabilities. Depending on the specific needs of the customer, Owl offers solutions that provide data transfers for one-way, two-way, or bidirectional use cases.

Supported Protocols

Supported Protocols

TCP/UDP streaming of structured (XML schemas) and fixed format (USMTF, VMF DFDL schemas) data messages

Form Factors
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