XD Bridge ST

Cross Domain Solution for Fixed Format and Streaming Data


RTB-Ready Secure Data Transfer

XD Bridge ST is a flexible, high performance Cross Domain Solution providing assured transfer for streaming or posting fixed format and structured data.

XD Bridge ST provides data inspection and sanitization through a comprehensive linear pipeline filtering process using validated data schemas to ensure data is “clean” prior to transfer. Owl’s linear assured pipelines enable a wide range of high-to-low and low-to-high use cases, with support for XML, Link16, USMTF, VMF, and other data formats.

Owl’s XD Bridge cross domain solutions are available in a variety of form factors to meet a variety of operational needs, with bandwidth capabilities up to 10 Gbps.

Filter Process XD Bridge ST


  • TCP/UDP streaming of structured (XML schemas) and fixed format (Link16, USMTF, VMF DFDL schemas) data messages
  • REST POST transfer of structured and fixed format data files
  • Software-enforced linear assured pipeline filtering
  • Hardware-enforced diode-based processing isolation and separation
XD Bridge ST - Front Straight


  • NCDSMO Baseline Certification (Q4CY21)
  • NSA and Common Criteria hardware-enforced diode certification
  • CLIP enforced STIG compliant configuration
  • Raise-the-Bar (RTB) phase one compliant as listed on the NCDSMO Baseline

Hardware-Enforced Domain Separation

Owl CDS solutions integrate data diodes to provide hardware-enforced one-way data transfer capabilities. Depending on the specific needs of the customer, Owl offers solutions that provide data transfers for one-way, two-way, or bidirectional use cases.

Secure Information Sharing
Tech Specs

Available Form Factors

Datacenter – 2 x 2U
Up to 10 Gbps bandwidth

Tactical (Scowt)
Up to 1Gbps bandwidth

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