DiOTa is a single-purpose and compact data diode cybersecurity device designed to provide deep and scalable security for digital assets in the rapidly growing Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).


Edge Security for Operational Technology and the IIoT

DiOTa can perform a hardware-enforced one-way transfer and is built on a hardened OS hardware platform, supporting one data flow or protocol at a time with a maximum throughput of 5 Mbps. The device can secure operational technology (OT), micro-segmentation applications, and network boundaries both on site and at remote locations in multiple deployments and requires minimal support and maintenance.

Simple, Compact, and Intuitive

Set up and configuration of DiOTa is straightforward and fast. The device can be configured and ready to perform a secure data transfer within minutes. The combination of the Quick Start Guide (provided with the device) and DiOTa’s intuitive, web-based user interface makes navigating tasks quick and easy, saving you time and guesswork. DiOTa’s economical price, ease-of-use, and small form factor make it a smart solution for multiple deployments.

Help Guides

Any time you need support with configuring your DiOTa, you can visit the Help tab on the user interface and where the complete product setup documentation is at your disposal. Whether you need guidance with changing your password or enabling protocol adapters, help is available on-demand, whenever you need it – no calling, no waiting.

DiOTa Online Help

Focused Functionalities without the Guesswork

DiOTa removes the guesswork when it comes to installing and configuring the device. While the product possesses the same advantages that come with all of Owl’s hardware-based cybersecurity products, the device is razor focused to only perform the critical functions needed to support one data flow or protocol at a time. The user-interface is straightforward, making it extremely easy to set-up and bring online.

Supported Protocols

Supported Protocols

Supports Single Protocol (at a time): TCP, UDP (Unicast/Multicast), File & Directory Transfer, Modbus (2 PLCs, Maximum of 640 Registers), OPC DA/A&E, SNMP Traps (UDP, TCP), or Syslog

Tech Specs

Technical Specifications


-4° F to +113° F / -20° C to +45° C

5% to 90% humidity non-condensing


Estimated normal operating usage: 10W total

12V-DC power brick with barrel connector (included)

Optional: 9-26V-DC power phoenix connector



Tabletop, DIN-rail (optional)


FCC Class B compliance
CE mark
CB certificate
IEC/EN 62368-1
CAN/CSA-C22.2 62368-1:2014
Based on EAL-certified technology


Manufactured using ISO 9001: 2015 certified quality program


1 lb / 0.45 kg


Separate ethernet connections for network data and administrative functions

Physical connectors: 8P8C (RJ45)

Supports 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX



5 Mbps

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