Cross-Domain Full Motion Video (CDFMV)

Securely relay mission-critical video across different security domains in real time with RTB-compliant filtering

ITAR Restrictions
It is the policy of the United States to deny licenses and other approvals for exports and imports of defense articles and defense services, destined for or originating in certain countries. Owl Government Products are restricted by 22 U.S.C. 2778 of the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) and Executive Order 13637. The International Traffic in Arms Regulations ("ITAR," 22 CFR 120-130) implements the AECA. Export Licenses for ITAR controlled items are processed through a form DSP-5 for permanent or temporary export. This includes screening clients that are in associated with Sanctioned or Embargoed countries. Additionally, there are certain "End-Use Controls" which prohibit exports to certain countries.

Full Filtering and Sanitization of Video and Metadata

The balance between protecting and sharing critical information has never been more crucial than in providing force protection in today’s Joint and Coalition military environments. There is a need to stream video sources including HD cameras, UAVs and GoPro’s up to classified networks for real time analysis. This requires a cross domain solution (CDS) that can filter the video and audio content in real time with minimum latency, to prevent threats such as embedded steganography.

As a part of Owl’s Assured Collaboration Systems, the Cross Domain Full Motion Video (CDFMV) CDS delivers real time bi-directional video and audio communications across network security boundaries. CDFMV reduces covert channels to an acceptable risk, while simultaneously maintaining point-to-point video capability. No other FMV CDS on the market today performs this level of filtering to meet the latest DoD certification requirements.

Key Capabilities

CDFMV’s Assured Pipeline Architecture protects sensitive information and minimizes covert channels, including embedded steganography.

  • UDP/TCP transfer of full motion video (MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.263, H.263v2, H.264, KLV) streams and data (ISA Protocol)
  • Sophisticated pixel-by-pixel filtering provides security required to mitigate embedded steganography
  • Metadata filtering including KLV
  • Transfer of actual HD video stream (not screen scrapes) enables high side analytics
  • Base 2U configuration filters multiple simultaneous HD 1080p FMV streams
  • The number of total streams supported scales with additional hardware
  • Rugged / tactical form factors available


  • NCDSMO Baseline Certification
  • Common Criteria and NIAP certified Operating System
  • CLIP enforced STIG compliant configuration

NSA-Certified, Approved Audio/Video Filtering

CDFMV leverages technology from Owl’s V2CDS, the only voice & video CDS on the National Cross Domain Solution Management Office (NCDSMO) Baseline, and the only Cross Domain Solution (CDS) certified by the NSA for Secret And Below Interoperability (SABI) & DIA for Top-Secret And Below Interoperability (TSABI) to filter audio / video streams. Proven to provide the quality required for high side analytics and the security necessary to mitigate steganography.

Form Factors
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