Partner With Owl

Partners are an integral part of our global success. No matter your organization’s location or industry, each partner receives personalized attention and access to exclusive tools and resources.

How it Works

As a partner, your organization gains full transparency into Owl’s best practices for training and selling, from pre-sale to post-sale. Plus, a designated Partner Manager is assigned to your account to ensure you have what you need to achieve your goals. Just a few initial program benefits include:

  • In-depth onboarding program with a Partner Manager
  • Access to training courses and certifications
  • Marketing team support and co-branded content creation
  • Regular meetings to stay apprised of Owl product announcements,
    new collateral, and events

Partner Type

Owl is committed to collaborating with leading cybersecurity and technology partners worldwide. Together we deploy cybersecurity solutions with resellers, OEMs, and other organizations to extend Owl’s reach and create best-of-breed solutions serving joint customers.
Technology Alliance Partners

Technology Alliance Partners are companies that offer products that interoperate with Owl products, resulting in an overall solution that is more secure and offers a better ROI to the end-customer. These partners will not sell Owl products or solutions directly but will collaborate with Owl in joint sales and marketing engagements. The joint solution will be documented in use cases, website content and other content (video, etc.) to increase visibility, awareness, and to drive market demand.

Resellers/System Integrators

Resellers and system integrators will engage in the marketplace to actively resell Owl products whether as a standalone or an embedded solution. They will be trained and certified in both sales and technical expertise, allowing partners to independently manage pre-sales activities, specify solutions, perform customer evaluations and proof of concepts, and perform post-sales product installations and acceptance tests. Resellers and system integrators are actively engaged in marketing activities with Owl – including events (conferences, webinars), co-branded collateral, use cases, announcements, etc


Partners are identified as a value-added resellers (VARs) based on the volume of their investment and commitment to Owl. VAR partners will have the same access to training and certifications and obligations in joint marketing engagements; in addition to providing support and maintenance and HW warranty to end customers.

OEM Partners

OEM Partners will bundle Owl products into their company’s solution and brand it as their own. Training will be available to receive certifications allowing partners to independently manage sales calls and evaluations and perform post-sales product installations; in addition to providing support and maintenance and HW warranty to end customers. Partners are obligated to participate at event engagements and to assist in producing co-branded collateral.


Representatives typically maintain long-standing relationships with specific agencies, departments, ministries, programs, missions or utilities; they are often called upon by their customers to identify and procure specific technologies or services provided by Owl as a component of a larger program.

Meet the Team

We share a common goal to secure the world by building premium, reliable data diode cybersecurity products and to assist partners in implementing and supporting our technology.

The Sales Team is the driving force for profitability, growth, new customers, and partnership success. This team is made up of Sales Executives, Sales Associates and Sales Engineers. Sales Associates will support partners with training on quotes and ordering processing. Sales Engineers will act as key technical advisors, helping with demos and technical use cases.


The Marketing Team drives market awareness and engagement with the Owl brand, creating new leads, continuously generating new content and collaborating with partners on joint marketing activities. Product Managers are also part of the team, regularly sharing news and updates on product launches, release dates, and new features. From co-branded collateral to webinars, the Marketing team assists in bringing the partnership full circle.

The Technical Team

The Technical Team is responsible for customer support, supporting field deployments and testing, installations, evaluations, proof of concept and technical training. The technical team is available as a resource to assist partners in getting trained and operating independently; and as a perpetual escalation point once partners are trained and certified.

Partner Managers

Partner Managers are the liaison between Owl Cyber Defense and our partners. Partner managers are focused on driving partner success and eliminating any barriers in reaching that success. They are the “go to” resource to facilitate communication and interaction with the Owl team.

Request Information

Interested in partnering with Owl Cyber Defense? Provide your contact information, and a member of our team will reach out to start the conversation.