Owl TalonTM 3

You are currently operating on a data diode platform that should be updated.

Learn more about why and how you can upgrade your hardware and software to Talon 3 below.

What’s New?

  • All new Talon 3 user interface with unmatched ease of use, reliability, and time to value
  • Modern, easy to use, web-based interface
  • Configuration is easier and faster than ever (operational in hours)
  • Quarterly releases of new protocols
  • Currently available on the latest OPDS-1000 hardware
  • Will be available on a variety of commercial off-the-shelf hardware platforms (1U server and DIN rail) soon

Why Upgrade?

While your existing solutions are still protecting your critical networks and sharing data externally, on June 30th, the Extended Life Cycle Support program for RHEL 6 is going to end, which is beyond our control. Don’t panic! You are still protected, however RHEL 6 is no longer going to be supported and may be out of compliance with your organization’s policies. Unfortunately, the Talon 3 software is not supported on your current hardware platforms. We recommend that you upgrade your hardware and software to Owl Talon so you are on the latest, supported platforms. If you would like to learn more and speak with someone from our team directly, you can get in touch with us below.

Affected Platforms

  • Software: Talon v2.2.0.4
  • OPDS-100D
  • OPDS-100
  • OPDS-1000 (purchased before 2020)
  • XD Prism MPP 200
  • OPDS-5D

Upgrade to Talon 3 on the latest OPDS-1000 hardware platform and receive

10% OFF

on all domestic orders

How to Upgrade to Owl Talon 3


Request Preorder
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Process Preorder through Sales


Receive Owl Talon solution when available

Learn more about Talon by checking out the datasheet!

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