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What sets an Owl data diode apart is the software that powers it. While the hardware provides physics-based, air-gap level security, the software performs the hard work of converting & transferring various data types and protocols.

Talon also provides an extensible foundation for flexible support of a broad range of OT and IT protocols and interfaces, such as OPC, File Transfer, and AVEVA® PI System. Unlike competing solutions, Owl Talon software is designed to support all your secure, one-way data transfer use cases on a single device by transferring multiple data flows and protocols simultaneously.

And with an extremely easy-to-use interface, Talon can be set up and operational quickly and painlessly, getting your data flowing while keeping your sensitive systems secure.

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Key Benefits of Talon 3

Enhanced User Experience

The new web-based graphical UI makes it easier and faster for you to manage your data transfers securely.

Cost-Effective Compliance

Stay compliant with industry regulations while benefiting from a cost-effective solution that meets all form factor requirements.

Increased Security

Advanced OS and encryption enhancements provide the highest level of protection, keeping your sensitive systems secure.

All new Talon 3 user interface with unmatched ease of use, reliability, and time to value


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Talon 3, The Data Diode Reinvented – The Evolution Continues

In April, we proudly unveiled the first release of Talon 3, Owl’s cutting-edge data diode software platform. Now, we are thrilled to announce the development of an all-new data diode PCIe card that is reinventing the way data diode solutions are deployed, providing a one-of-a-kind solution that can turn any compatible compute platform into a diode.

This is your exclusive invitation to join us and be the first to learn about the latest updates on the development of the all-new Talon data diode card, the launch of new hardware platforms, and the new features available in the Talon release. Discover the future of data diode security with Talon 3.

Watch this webinar and you’ll see:

  • Development of the All-New Talon Data Diode Card
  • Availability of Hardware Platforms
  • Future Roadmap and Vision
  • New Features in the July Release

Learn more about TalonTM 3 by checking out the data sheet!