NOV Gets Secure Access to BOP Data with Owl Cyber Defense

Owl Cyber Defense | Data Diode Security

ARC featured a considerable cybersecurity track at this year’s Industry Forum in Orlando, and convergence of safety and cybersecurity was a major topic. The TRITON/TRISIS malware attack on a process safety system was the catalyst that sparked a major conversation, not just about process safety systems as they relate to cybersecurity, but also the wider topic of safety as it relates to cybersecurity.

One key end-user client that broached this topic was Alfredo Montemar, senior control software system engineer for National Oilwell Varco (NOV), which is one of the largest drilling and production equipment manufacturers in the world. NOV Rig Systems develops the core infrastructure for drilling and production, from top-drives and draw works to risers, power and control systems, and things like blowout preventers.