Defending Against Killware: The Cyber Threat with Physical Consequences

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Even though data breaches, ransomware attacks and other cyber threats have become part of daily life, many organizations still get caught by surprise. Some, perhaps believing it won’t happen to them, still refuse to put money in the budget for cybersecurity. Others put their trust in outdated technology or rely on cybersecurity insurance policies to bail them out after a breach.

No matter what missteps leave a company vulnerable, the results are predictable: a struggle to pick up the pieces after an attack, with financial and operational costs that can linger for years. And hopefully, the organization learns its lesson and implements effective cybersecurity going forward.

But when the impacts of an attack become life and death, there are no second chances.

“Killware” attacks — cyberattacks that aim to cause direct physical damage and bodily harm — are a serious concern for critical infrastructure operators such as oil and gas pipelines, water systems, power generators and medical facilities. Protecting against these threats requires a different mindset, one that focuses on preventing the attack in the first place, rather than mitigating the damage afterward.

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